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ASV Law is the premiere law firm for individuals and businesses in the entertainment, sports, music, media, reputation management, digital and creative industries. Based in Mayfair, central London, ASV Law has a global reach and is highly regarded for innovative lawyering, negotiation and crisis expertise.

Honourable Neville Livingston, PKA Bunny Wailer, The Wailers

I have been using ASV LAW for many years and they are the soldiers fighting for my Royalties and protecting me. They are committed and understand the greater pictures that is involved in being the voice of Reggae in the world, the only survivor of the Wailers. Read More...

So much so that ASV LAW has also been entrusted to defend and represent the Rastafarian and Indigenous Culture!

The luxury industry is fairly complex to navigate. We rely on ASV Law for guidance and support in the UK. Every detail of our products are unique, high quality, and elegantly crafted. We expect our lawyers to understand the subtile nature of our products and provide a matching level of service. Read More...

ASV LAW’s knowledge across branding, licensing and operating a luxury business are exceptional.

ASV Law has a unique personal approach and operational efficiency.  I know the team well, they have a strong work ethic and are outcome focused. In my dealings with them I have been represented not just professionally but also in a fashion that my customer feels well served and acknowledges Read More...

the all round customer service and excellence that we as a company deliver. This is to say that ASV Law becomes an integral extension of ourselves and allow the Brand to remain intact and the business relationship to flourish long after their services are not required

We have been working with ASV Law since 2012 and found that the firm has an esteemed reputation internationally and is very prompt and confidential in their work. Their experience on all matters relating to sport, media, and reputation have proven to be essential to our organisation

simone batistella

Simone Battistella Consulting Group

I instructed the firm to help me with the legal side of a very important (motorsport) contract I was due to negotiate for my main driver. The firm did an excellent job and their knowledge of the dynamics of motorsport proved to be an asset during the long negotiation that followed.Read More...

Since then, I have counted on ASV Law for all legal support.

As a young designer, the challenges and hurdles that I am faced with on a day to day basis are anything but the norm.  ASV Law approaches each situation in a unique manner and their industry specific knowledge of fashion have proven to Read More...

be an integral part to my brand’s decision making.  I would highly recommend the team’s innovative and savvy approach to the business of fashion.

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