Pricing Transparency - ASV Law
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Pricing Transparency

ASV Law will always ensure that our pricing is transparent to our clients from the outset of our relationship with you.


Once we understand the case, if applicable, we would provide you with a fixed fee quote. If the case can be broken down into stages we will try to provide a fixed fee quote for each stage; some examples of stages (there may be more depending on the case in question) are:

  • understanding the merits
  • negotiating with the other side
  • preparing for a Court hearing
  • attending Court
  • enforcement


We also offer to work with you on a Retainer basis at a fixed fee. You would place an amount of money on our Client account and at each stage, or each month depending on what we agree with you, we would take an agreed amount from those funds to cover the work we have carried out on your behalf during the stage or the month. We would only do this once we have sent you an invoice for that stage or month.


Contentious law is more complex and very difficult to quote on a fixed fee basis. It can be difficult to predict how the other side will react; they may agree to settle or they may decide to fight the case all the way to Court. In those cases our charges would be on an hourly rate, that rate agreed with you before the case starts. We would then keep you regularly updated on how much has been incurred.


If you have legal expense insurance through your car or home insurance, you may already have cover in place to pay for legal fees.


We may need to add expenses incurred on your behalf, called Disbursements; some examples of which are:

  • court fees
  • Barristers fees
  • travel


If we need to incur Disbursements on your behalf we will agree those with you beforehand.


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