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Investigations and Opinions



Clients are confronted with the inevitable task to assess the legal existence or effects of a situation.


As specialists in our areas of practice, ASV Law Consulting will address the client’s need for clarity with our Investigations and Opinion Services.

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What is it?


Legal Investigations are independent legal analysis of a situation to uncover all the information available relevant to the legalities of a specific matter.

Legal Investigations research the information needed to form an accurate assessment and to bring factual clarity.

Legal Investigations are the snapshot of what it is, what really happened. No judgment or advice or extrapolation derives from it on this phase.


When is it needed?


In advance of any legal matter, negotiation, litigation or Board meeting when there is the suspicion that the client’s own structure may not have been as initially believed.


What are the benefits?


Legal Investigations are discreet and conducted independently from the involved management, with no blame or finger pointing involved.

Legal Investigations are here to define what it is so no Board decision or generally any decision can be taken without factual and correct information.

Legal Investigations aim is to reduce or eliminate where possible the risk factor of legal discovery.





What is it?


Opinions are written responses to requests to advise the client on specific legal points and their consequences.

Opinions aim to formulate the clearest possible understanding of the client’s position so to offer advice that allows the client to decide what to do about it.

Opinions are based on accurate factual information and legal research to form practical advice to the client.

Opinions are the specialist view that tell the answer to the question asked as it is, and not necessarily as the client wants to hear it.

Opinions are written in clear and plain English.


When is it needed?


Opinions are needed at the outset when the matter is identified but the Client needs clarity on the merits for litigation funding/negotiation before – during – after a claim.

Opinions are recommended in advance of any legal move or negotiation to define the practical and realistic parameters of the likely outcome in the law. It strengthens the negotiation position in advance of any contentious work or litigation generally.

Opinions may be required by Litigation Funders, Insurers or simply to prepare the Board of a company to what the parameters of a legal choice may be in advance of a decision being taken.


What are the benefits?


Opinions primary benefit is to reduce any risk exposure in assisting, through its advice, the definition of a roadmap to the legal problem at hand.

Opinions are essential advice to form a sound legal negotiation or litigation strategy.

Opinions ultimately advise the best way forward, so the clients save unnecessary time and effort spent on inadequate points, with the consequence to assist with legal costs predictability and saving often in long term legal and litigation fees.




Call ASV Law Consulting on +44 (0)20 7993 5450, email Stewart Graham at or go to Contact Us to see how ASV Law Consulting can assist you.