Why should you Retain a legal strategist? - ASV Law
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Why should you Retain a legal strategist?

The legal profession has, traditionally, been a place of hourly rates where lawyers work on a time spent basis. Is this in your best interests? Why should you be penalised if your lawyer is a slow reader? Why should you have unpredictable legal costs to undertake with no clarity on the outcome? Is there another method?

We believe lawyers can add more value to you and your company!

A Retainer relationship works in your best interest as you have a fixed monthly price for access to your legal strategist. The benefit is that you can call anytime throughout the month or make a quick call to check something before a Board meeting. A Retainer relationship with us adds significant value to you, the company and the bottom line; it puts you in a strong position whenever you need it, giving you an advantage over your competitors and markets.

International companies focus on global plans to improve market share and profitability. They have great understanding and knowledge of specific segments of their operations and often operate under assumptions. However, companies tend to leave strategy a bit to chance, rehashing things that might have worked in the past and what they call strategy is often a deployment of tactics. With a value-based strategist immediately available to you the company’s response and strategic positioning is multiplied whilst shortening the intervention time required to achieve results. This dramatically reduces the time you waste in identifying a supplier; in a Retainer you already have the correct one to help you.

Retaining us means that all bumps in the originally planned road can be prompted addressed and the strategy kept up to date at all times and in all circumstances. That is a real advantage!

The added bonus is you continue to focus on the daily business knowing you will be accessing strategy support at all times. But let’s be clear: it is not based on time and materials; it is not your hourly rate lawyer who simply tells you the legal position! It is supporting the global business strategy for the company. The compound effect is an advantage over your competitors as you can check your thought process and make decisions in real time without waiting for the legal guys to set up a meeting or understand the position. Your legal strategist already understands the company’s global strategy through our ongoing relationship with you.

When your company and competitors see the significant value you have gained and the success brought to the company through this relationship, whilst facing the same challenges, they will also want that added value.

Why should you Retain a legal strategist? Because if you don’t you will be missing out on the advantage that was there for you to grab all along!

Grab it now!

Contact ASV Law (info@asvlaw.com – +44 (0)20 7993 5450) now for more information; we will show you how Retainer is in your best interest.