Simon Vumbaca: An Expert Legal Practitioner, Navigating Commercial and Corporate Matters with ASV Law - ASV Law
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Simon Vumbaca: An Expert Legal Practitioner, Navigating Commercial and Corporate Matters with ASV Law

Founded in November 2011 with Simon Vumbaca in the leadership role as a Managing Partner, ASV Law has been alleviating the most pressing challenges faced by the leading international corporate and commercial clients with key consulting solutions.

It is not incorrect if we introduce Simon Vumbaca as an experienced lawyer and dynamic leader as he is spearheading this London-based international law firm successfully and taking it to a higher altitude.

Citizen of the world, Simon is a dual qualified Lawyer, Commercial Litigation and Corporate Law Solicitor. He holds over 25 years of experience handling and resolving complex commercial cases internationally previously heading up several international legal teams.

Backed with skills and knowledge, Simon’s career can be defined as aiding people who need guidance and support in legal issues. As a dynamic leader and a visionary, he has resolved many complicated cases and what he brings to clients is worth much more than just legal advice. The strategic approach to any issue he brings has a compounding effect on the future of the client’s business.

ASV Law & Service Portfolio

ASV Law is an established international high-profile law firm that delivers innovative legal advice to global Clients. There is an award-winning team, dealing with very high- value claims as well as corporate and commercial advice to elite Clients with an aim to resolve problems and add value to people’s life.

The firm specialises in complex cross-border and multi-jurisdictional work and has significant expertise in specific sectors of the law: Commercial and Civil Litigation, International Arbitration, Sports Law, Technology, and IP. In practical terms though, they cover corporate law, commercial and construction litigation advice, international arbitration, and sports/entertainment law. Here, English, Italian, Spanish and French- speaking lawyers enjoy significant worldwide success in Commercial and Civil Litigation.

Further, Simon apprised, “We believe there is always a way to add value in the resolve. We operate on the basis that what clients want is their problem to be sorted out; mostly they don’t care how. It is for us to do our best to come up with the resolve. The simple application of the law will not always end it. So we create a long-term strategy to resolve the case that tries to avoid future occurrences of the same issue, augmenting the client’s position. This is how ASV enriches the client’s position. This is also why we are super attentive when taking new cases.”

The Decision to be a Lawyer

What really influenced Simon Vumbaca and attracted him to the law was the application of the logical to reach the illogical, or was it the other way around? The law offers the path to so many professional options that it was the logical step for him. He knew he liked the

intellectual challenge of litigation. The idea to structure a strategy using what facts you have and the law to protect a client was a natural exciting matter. The more he practised it the more successful he became.

Maintaining an Unbreakable Faith with Clients

“Given our focus on results, naturally we attract high performance and result-driven organisations and individuals such as HNWs, overseas royal families, global conglomerates, elite sportspeople, and sports club owners. I come with an energy and desire to make a real difference to my clients. My approach is always strategic and focuses on adding real value that impacts immediately and lasts into the future. This is why my clients return to me time and time again. This is also why we are very careful when we choose and accept instructions. Experience has taught me that if we over-deliver and do what said at the offset, delivering the results agreed, trust or professional respect is created. We are also very discreet and confidential about our business and our client’s one”, asserted Simon Vumbaca while talking about his strategies on maintaining an unbreakable faith with clients.

Hiccups on the Way & the Secret Sauce

The challenge was maintaining a caseload that allowed Simon Vumbaca the correct level of time to focus on each client. ASV hand-picks its clients as Simon and his team’s focus is to augment a client’s position by creating a strategy for the case that adds an advantage they continue enjoying into the future. Many ASV clients return to them for further strategy-led legal advice because they are their primary focus and they improve their position. A ‘legal’ response is fine but what Simon does is create fulfilment and value in the client’s professional life immediately and into the future long after the case has concluded.

“In being honest in my assessment of the cases, not being afraid to say no, delivering and being committed. I don’t judge people and how situations come to be. I focus on impact, consequences and resolve – these are the factors that empowered me to grow”, shared Mr Vumbaca.

Road ahead

ASV Law has developed an innovative approach to legal services, focusing on resolving and adding value, from strategy to tactical implementation. They created a Strategic Alliance Partnership Programme with strictly selected firms in different jurisdictions to deliver the global legal services their clients require around the world, adding value to their business. They remain the central point of contact that manages the strategy and coordinates local implementation of it with local partners.

A Piece of Advice for Entrepreneurs

Work smart, utilise and learn from the skills and knowledge of people around you, keep an open mind all the time and question yourself. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake as this is a learning point.

Jewels in the Crown

  • AI 2020 Leading Advisor Awards – Leading complex cross-border Litigation and Arbitration Lawyer of the Year and Arbitration Lawyer of the Year
  • Advisory Excellence 2020 – Certificate of Excellence
  • Corporate NTL 2020 Litigation Law Firm of the Year,England
  • Spears500 – Top Recommended 2020
  • Global Law Experts 2021 RecommendedExperts
  • Global Law Experts 2021 Recommended LawFirm

Favourite book

“Lao Tze’s Tao teh Ching was the first book that really inspired me. Derived books such as the I Ching also impacted me. Many other books had some inspirational parts, but the Tao teh Ching illustrated to me how simplicity and completeness could be reached in one sentence. Right, wrong and other values change with society and times they are contemplated upon. The way of things and universe does not change and brings a degree of clarity that I like to revert to when things get confusing”, said Mr Vumbaca on asked about his favourite book.

Favourite Quotes

“Nothing comes from nothing”
“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”
“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” ― Lao Tze, Tao Teh Ching