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ASV’s Entertainment Law division assists artists and all involved in the industry. ASV Law provides contract negotiation services, assists in strategy development, and all transactional work. The entertainment industry is fast-paced and constantly changing. ASV Law in London has the global presence to grow and protect your interests quietly, discreetly and effectively.

We Work With:



TV Rights & Distribution

Public Figures

Advertising Campaigns


Digital Entertainment/Social Media

Image Rights


• Recording
• Music publishing
• Management
• Merchandising
• Sponsorship & Endorsements
• Band Agreements
• Live Performance & Touring Arrangements
• Digital Exploitation
• Distribution
• Catalogue Acquisitions
• Royalty Collection
• Reputation Management
• Brand Protection


• Rights Purchase (including life stories, fictional and animation)
• Creative Work Options
• Financing, Co-productions
• Production 
(including director, cast, crew and producer deals, location and studio agreements, music composing and licences, releases)
• Distribution, Sales agency, Broadcaster Arrangements, Emerging Media
• Ancillary Rights
• Actors’ Agreements, Talent Agreements

TV Rights and Distribution

• Rights Acquisition (UK and international) Television Development, Production and Exploitation
• Commissioning, Financing and Co-production
• Script Acquisition
• Distribution
• Television Format
• Television Programming (event)
• Licensing and Merchandising
• Production Contracts
• General Advisory, Clearance and Content

Industry Highlight: Image Rights

ASV Law works with you to ensure a unique and effective strategy to identify, protect, and exploit your potential rights.


Our experience allows us to identify ways to generate revenue and opportunities out of them and identify problems before they occur, and be prepared for the unexpected occurrences.


Our expertise in the media and entertainment industry allows us to approach your situation from an insider’s perspective, giving us the tools to help you make the most of yourself.

Understanding Image Rights

What are image rights?

Image rights are the rights that you hold in all aspects of your self and they can only be generated by you. This can include things like your name, likeness, physical stature, style, nicknames or slogans that are associated with you. All the aspects that make you a unique individual are your proprietary right to do with as you will, including generating money.


What can you do with your image rights?

Particularly in the fields of music, film, and sport, your image rights can be incredibly valuable. Whether you want to use your image rights to build and capitalise on your own brand, or partner with a corporation to expand your influence, there are varieties of ways in which to exploit your image rights for capital gains.


Protecting your image rights

There are numerous ways to ensure that you can protect your rights legally. Whether you may wish to register certain rights to prevent infringement, or need to rely on privacy and data protection laws to stop infringement, each situation needs a personalised approach. Depending on your unique situation, certain protection strategies may suit you better than others.


To find out more about image rights, contact us.

What We Do:

Identify your image rights

Licensing deals

• Commercial Exploitation
• Advertisement
• Corporate Partnership
• Corporate Sponsorship
• Merchandising
• Publishing
• Trademark Registration

Protect your rights

•Infringement Litigation
•  Data Protection
•  Defamation

Crisis Management