Endorsement Law

ASV Law specialises in sponsorship and endorsement law in order to help You Maximise The Value Of Your Image And Brand. In an age of global marketing, huge commercial opportunities exist for well-known sporting figures and other celebrities. ASV Law has developed a trusted reputation in the field of sponsorship and endorsement law, representing individuals at the top of their game — from basketball and football to motorsport and other athletics.

To seek out and maximise commercial opportunities during what is often a relatively short career

To assert their image and other rights to prevent illegal exploitation by others

To pre-empt threats to their brand identity posed by unwanted press coverage and social media activity

As an international law firm in the centre of London, we act for individuals here as well as athletes and other sports people from other parts of the world who are seeking to establish their profile in the lucrative commercial markets of Europe.

We offer advice on:

Sponsorship on media and digital platforms

Merchandising opportunities

Licensing contracts

Endorsement agreements

Negotiation of fees for media appearances

Intellectual property rights and enforcement

Effective dispute resolution