Digital Media

Whether you are exploiting creative content, or trying to decipher the extent of your privacy rights, a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the legal frameworks surrounding digital media is essential, but not enough. ASV Law adds a business and practical perspective to the deal. This has been developed over years of working with industry leaders and innovators, learning from successes and some failures

Digital media opens a new world of opportunities to maximise revenue whilst still reaching targeted audiences and maintaining accurate track of the users of such media. It is the base for newly generated content that has to fit the format. It is the preferred way to gather information and reach audiences, for all purposes.


Being a relatively new form of media, where much is still to be discovered, ASV LAW is perfectly placed to apply the wealth of media, licensing, technology and innovative approach to the legals required in this space. ASV Law assists clients with their transactional work when exploring new avenues or simply when they want to protect their content, revenue, IP, rights and licenses.


Technology is innovation. As such you need innovative lawyers that are familiar with the laws in this field, and that are prepared to push the conventional boundaries to protect your ideas whilst maximising revenue. With the immediacy in which technology becomes obsolete and new technology becomes available, information can be transmitted and replicated, the way in which you protect and apply your ideas is as important as the ideas themselves. And so are the spaces you decide to enter in with your technology . ASV law protects IP and has been structuring technology and licensing deals for over two decades. ASV Law’s knowledge and proficiency in technology law is very well established and is embedded in ASV Law’s DNA. The entertainment and sport world are a testament to it .


The disruptions to established industries caused by new technologies and innovative start-ups has forced legal frameworks to be reworked and up to the latest standards. It is essential for companies to understand and adapt to a legal framework in a constant state of flux.


We work with you to best protect, exploit, and deliver your technology. Our expertise in the sector is current and effective and kept so by the world class clients that we service.