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ASV Law work as libel and defamation lawyers with well-known celebrities, public figures and blue chip companies. Exposure to the world’s media is normally welcome, but sometimes it is not. Whether you have been defamed in the media, print, or even Facebook, the specialist defamation lawyers at ASV Law work effectively and diligently to help restore your reputation.

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Libel and defamation, online and traditional media outlets

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Industry Highlight: Online Defamation

What is online defamation?

Defamation occurs when someone writes a false statement that causes, or may cause, harm to your reputation. With the speed of the online world and social media platforms, articles, blog posts, and comments appear at an incredibly fast pace. Defamation on the internet can spread like wildfire and damage is immediate. Furthermore, with primary and secondary publishers, hyperlink providers, platforms, forums and search engine operators, knowing where the defamatory material ends can be a daunting process.


What happens when you are defamed online?

The danger with online defamation is very real. Firstly, it can turn away business from you or your organisation. It may damage your position (employment, clubs, friends, references, and alike) and your financial position faster than you can imagine. If not addressed, there will be a lasting effect on your professional and personal reputation. If defamatory material is not challenged promptly, you will lose your opportunity to take action and the defamatory material will stay posted online, causing permanent damage as peoples will be allowed to refer to it at any time. The need for urgency is furthered by the fact that you can only take action up to one year from the initial posting (not from the next time it is reposted).


What can you do?

There are a variety of methods to have the damaging material removed, and for online defamation it is essential to have the right strategy. ASV Law is well versed in online take down strategies. The firm’s knowledge of platforms is essential as some are better regulated than others. Traditional broadcasters and publishers are well versed on the matter, and it makes their willingness to remove material harder. You may want to confront the source, apply pressure to the operator of the website, or in certain circumstances seek the removal from search engines. One of these methods may suffice, but often you will need a combination of these to protect and restore your reputation. Further if the voluntary removal does not work, professionals are here to help, and can act fast to assist you.


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