Protecting You Against Exploitation

ASV Law in London represents a wide range of British and international fashion houses, jewellery manufacturers and well-known luxury brands.


In a globalised marketplace where cheap, counterfeit products are readily available, aggressive protection of established brands is more crucial now than ever.

Companies and individual designers have come to depend on us for:

Our expertise in trademark and copyright law

Our ability to discreetly but robustly manage brand reputation when a commercial threat arises

Oversee international and distribution deals as well as the commercial licensing of brand names across the world

An international outlook for a global industry

fashion, jewellery and luxury goods have long been established as truly international industries. As global online sales continue to increase, our team of multilingual lawyers experienced in working across several legal jurisdictions is ideally placed to provide the wide-ranging advice you need.

We offer a full range of legal services, including:

Commercial contract advice

Crisis Management

E-commerce advice and online distribution networks

Intellectual property advice

Litigation and dispute resolution services, including copyright infringement proceedings

Negotiation of agency and distribution agreements

Brand protection and reputation management

Cross border advice when launching brands in new territories

Industry Highlight: Understanding Trade Marks

What is a trade mark?

Simply put, a trade mark is a symbol or indication of the origin of goods or services. Trade marks can be words, slogans, designs, gestures, sounds, colours and even smells. Trade marks and the brands they represent are invaluable to individuals and companies because of the information that they are capable of carrying. Even a simple shape can become iconic, and if properly built up, will instantly give consumers information about what your product is, the origin and the quality they can expect.


Registering your trade mark

When you register your trade mark, you have exclusive rights to use it in relation to the goods or services for which it is registered for ten years in the UK/Europe. This registration is renewable every ten years for an indefinite amount of time, so after your first registration, the trademark is yours for as long as you choose. Registration will also allow you to begin authorising or licensing others to use the mark, giving you the ability to exploit it commercially, and will make it much easier to protect anyone who potentially infringes it.


Why you should register your trade mark

Once registered, your trade mark can work for you. Its commercial exploitability will make it a valuable asset to your company, or your brand overall. Even If you have built your brand to a level of wide recognition, without registration, protecting your trademark can become much more expensive and time consuming. Unregistered trade marks will likely have to be fought off with an action for passing off instead of the much quicker and cheaper route of trade mark infringement. A trademark may be one of the most valuable assets your company owns, and you should ensure that it has all the protection that it deserves.


To find out more about registering trade marks, contact us.